About Me


Mijn naam is Kristof Fagard, 

Up until now I mostly worked as a freelance comic artist for belgian publishing houses,

‘Standaard Uitgeverij’, ‘borgerhoff-lamberigts’, Studio100, …
I assist in several ongoing comics series like; 'Kronieken van Amoras', 'Junior Suske en wiske', #LikeMe, 'De Kiekeboes' and 'tribute albums like ‘Piet Pienter & Bert Bibber’.

I started my freelance comic career in november of 2007, working on backgrounds for a Flemish comic series 'De Kiekeboes', album 'drie bollen met slagroom'.
In a short time (by the end of 2008) I expanded my work to classical penicillin, working from rough sketches by author Merho.

By 2010 I worked from blank pages with thumbs and scenarios as reference.

I additionally gave support to digital coloring and classical ink for several albums in this series.

By 2013 I was proficient in digital inking for other clients.

In the link below you can find an in pdf formatted portfolio from 2022,
listing all publications I worked on since 2006.
KREO portfolio, 2022

The portfolio comprises technical skills;
Pencil, ink, coloring for classical and digital executions.

More recent work can be viewed on following social media platforms;


My freelance work doesn't limit to comics only;



    ​I am available for all freelance commissions,

    if you would like to discuss a project and how I can help?
    Feel free to get in touch. 



    for taking the time to visit my website and reading a little more about me and the business I am proud of.


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